5 Awesome Benefits of Building a Pole Barn

Do you find that you need additional storage but your garage, your closets, and any other space you have is packed full? Are you storing your lawn equipment and recreational toys outdoors? Are you renting an off-site storage building? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions and if you some room on your property, keep reading to learn about these 5 Awesome Benefits of Building a Pole Barn.

Low Cost Square Footage

Compared to a stick built garage or storage building, a pole barn can be a much cheaper alternative. Prices are variable based on where you live, but a pole barn (with concrete) can cost around $30 – $40 per square foot. Power and plumbing will be an additional cost, but for some people – that is not a necessity. The more simplistic the barn, the lower the price can be.  The cost of the structure can be 50% or more lower than traditional stick built structures. The sky is the limit for pole barn options and additions.  You can have anything from an extravagant pole barn home down to a very simple, primitive tractor barn.

A traditional structure can take months to complete. If you are currently paying for an offsite storage building you will continue to have to pay that while your structure is being built. A pole barn can be completed in days or a week. This timeline allows you to move in to your structure much quicker, getting you out of your monthly storage commitment.

You might be thinking – there are cheaper on-site storage solutions, right? It is true, you can buy pre-built storage building for a fraction of the cost. These are generally built with 2×4 lumber and they have plywood floors. These buildings are somewhat portable in nature and can be fine for some who may need a temporary or portable solution. If you are considering a pole barn – you have probably already decided that these solutions do not fit your needs. You might also be thinking, a pole barn would be nice – but I don’t have that kind of money laying around. I’ll just keep renting that storage building or buy a cheap, temporary solution.  Keep reading and I’ll explain how you may be closer to building a pole barn than you might think.


Home Value

Did you know that a properly built pole barn could even enhance the value of your home? This is a complex benefit, but could be a benefit nonetheless. The benefit of the low cost square footage is clear, but its impact on your home value can be multivariate. In some areas or neighborhoods, a pole barn could actually lower your value if it isn’t typical or creates more of an odd appearance for the neighborhood, so be careful and consider what is typical for your area.

However, if you live on a larger lot, have some acreage, or live in an area where having a pole barn for storing boats, tractors or other equipment is normal, a pole barn can enhance your value. A prime example would be acreage around a lake. Many people move to those areas to be close to the lake and many of those people have boats. Without on-site storage, many will choose to rent storage for their boat to keep it out of the weather.

If you live in an area where having a pole barn could enhance the value, put some thought into the appearance.  A barn that compliments or matches the home that it is built with can further enhance the value, or at the very least, increase the level of curb appeal. Matching the siding and roofing color to your home, especially if it is built close to your home, is highly recommended.  You can go a step further and add stone, brick or other exterior alterations to match your home as well. This can be important for high value homes where detail is evident in the construction of the home.  Having a beautiful custom home with a plain pole barn that doesn’t match anything could actually hurt the value of the property.


Equipment Storage

One of the most thought of benefits of building a pole barn is equipment storage. Whether its farm implements or lawn equipment for your home, a pole barn is an excellent option to store your equipment investments. Pole barn options are nearly endless. You can opt for sliding doors, tall doors, wide doors, high ceilings… you get the idea. Other than protecting your equipment from the weather, pole barns can be designed to be secure as well.If equipment security is a concern, locking doors, windows and roll up doors can be installed to secure your equipment. In my pole barn, I have even opted to install a camera that triggers motion alarms to my phone for instant notification.

With a pole barn being separated from your home, its also ideal to keep oils and other equipment fluids there to prevent storage in your home garage or storage rooms. Not only is this a safer option, it removes fumes and odors from your garage as well. Lastly, because a pole barn is typically an open design, maneuvering and storing equipment is easy compared to a smaller garage. Just think – moving your equipment from your current garage storage could actually free up the garage to actually park your car there!


Toy StorageBenefit of Building a Pole Barn

Another of the awesome benefits of building a pole barn is to store your power toys. When I say toys, I am talking about boats, side-by-sides, 4-wheelers, etc. Without adequate storage, these toys generally sit outside, under inadequate covers, in your current garage or in paid off-site storage. Sunlight and weather are one of the main killers for power toys. Seating, paint jobs, tires, and plastics can quickly deteriorate when left in constant exposure.  If you are paying major dollars for these types of power toys, I imagine you want to keep them looking and running well for years to come. Storage in a pole barn achieves that goal as well as providing all of the benefits mentioned for equipment storage.

Since pole barns are customizable, you can build in specific components for your toys.  Maybe it is a floor drain or power supplied in certain areas. For me, it was a drive through setup so that I could pull my boat through and drop it off quickly. Between not having to back down my driveway and being able to drop the boat and close the doors, I have saved 10-20 minutes every time I bring my boat home. If toy storage is what you are looking for, take time and think through things that make your current setup annoying or time consuming. Try to build in solutions that will eliminate those issues. A properly designed pole barn will not only protect those investments, but could reduce the storage and maintenance pains common to toy ownership.


OrganizationBenefit of Building a Pole Barn

So, let’s say that the 4 benefits of building a pole barn above are great, but you (or specifically your wife) aren’t quite sold yet. You need one more justification to pull the trigger.  Think of all of the closets, the attic, the garage, or any place where you have “stuff” put because you don’t have a good place for storage. Do those Christmas decorations take up too much room? Think of a pole barn as a blank canvas. The interior is typically just exposed lumber, although you can have walls built. Between shelving options, hooks, rafter storage and floor storage, you can organize all of the “junk” that is currently filling all of your space in your home.

In addition to storing your toys, equipment, and organizing your stuff, you can do so much more. My pole barn is multi-purpose. I even have a TV installed. I can back the boat out and have the guys over or host a fish fry. Now that should be a great selling point for you (or your wife)!


I Want to Build a Pole Barn… Now What?

First, think about your site selection. Check on your local property covenants or neighborhood rules as necessary.  Make sure that you know where you want to build and that it is legal to build. Once you have a rough location picked, do some measuring. Think about the size of your boat or tractor, or what ever it is that you will store.  Lay it out and determine what size pole barn you would need to meet your storage goals. For me, it was 30 x 40. Do you want power or plumbing? Now would be a good time to consider where to feed that from as well.  Once your pole barn is constructed, that becomes much more difficult if that wasn’t a consideration at this stage.

Once you have a rough idea of what you want, time to determine who will build it. It’s likely that there are many local contractors in your area that specialize in building pole barns. There are also some national and regional contractors that specialize in pole barn building. There is even a DIY Pole Barn company that will deliver everything you need to your site. Get quotes and carefully review and compare what they are offering in the quote. If you choose to do it yourself, consider the cost of any tools or equipment that you don’t have. Also consider that this isn’t a one man job. Who will help you?

Finally, not many of us have the cash laying around to build a pole barn, but there are options. One option that I like, if you can’t pay cash, is a FHA Title I loan. This is a home improvement loan that will be a second mortgage. It has a term of up to 20 years and a maximum loan amount of $25,000. This loan is a great option for improvements such as this. Search for lenders that specialize in Title I loans as the list is always changing.



A pole barn can be an excellent solution to your storage problems. The benefits of building a pole barn exceed just meeting your storage needs. Planned and built properly, you can enhance your property while providing great storage and organization solutions. All of those benefits come at a much lower cost for traditional stick built structures. Now that you know the benefits and the additional information about how to make that idea a reality, what is holding you back?

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